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Idaho brief

NicknameGem State

Capital City: Boise

Population: 1.70 million

Land size: 83,557 square miles (216,412 square km)

GDP: $69.2 Billion



Bloomberg and Kiplinger ranked Idaho as the nation’s No. 1 Top Performing Economy.

The U.S. Department of Labor rated Idaho No. 1 in job growth.

The U.S. Census Bureau reports Idaho is the nation’s fastest growing state.

In its 2018 rankings, CNBC rated Idaho No. 3 in the nation for overall business friendliness, No. 4 in cost of doing business and the No. 5 best economy.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Idaho as the seventh fastest-growing GDP in the country.

Industry overview

Advance Manufacturing

Manufacturing is big business in Idaho. It accounts for 14.7% of the state’s private sector GDP and employs 5.5% of the total workforce. In 2017, 1,500 of Idaho’s current manufactures produced $6 billion to the state’s GDP and employed 40,000 (5% of total employment). 

Advanced manufacturing is a subset of this sector, differentiated by the use of highly-technological, cutting-edge processes and the employment of skilled, comparatively high-wage jobs. The advanced manufacturing sector in Idaho is growing rapidly and expanding to encompass ever more industries and occupations. 

The state’s advanced manufacturing industry is driven by businesses large and small that produce food, computer and electronic products, transportation equipment, medical equipment, system and process equipment, chemicals and plastic products, wood products, fabricated metal products, and machinery.


Idaho is home to more than 200 aerospace companies, 25 of which are manufacturers of parts and products. Idaho’s industry leaders like Quest Aircraft, Empire Airlines, and Unitech Composites find that Idaho offers many competitive advantages, like a ready workforce, a pro-business climate, financial incentives, and a low cost of doing business. Idaho’s varied terrain and high-tech capabilities make the state an ideal location for the research, development, and testing of aviation-related products. The aerospace industry has grown by nearly 40% over the past 20 years. Idaho’s aerospace businesses span aircraft operations; maintenance; parts manufacturing; and aircraft assembly.


Technology and Innovation

Idaho has a long history of innovation. Philo Farnsworth of Rigby is credited with the first electronic television set, and we all know J.R. Simplot as the man behind frozen French fries. Idaho’s inventors have been able to harness brilliant ideas to change the world.

That still holds true today. Idaho is home to the only US-based memory chip maker, Micron Technology, and is the center of Hewlett-Packard’s highly profitable Imaging and Printing Group, which introduced the HP LaserJet printer. Nearly 50,000 people work in Idaho’s innovation industry, and they’re pushing technology boundaries, launching start-ups, and fueling further growth and discovery.


Technology and innovation are strong drivers of Idaho’s economy. Perhaps that’s why the number of high-tech companies in the state grew 61% over the past decade.

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California, Sacramento
California-Sacramento Brief
        The state of California is on the west coast of the United States. It is the 5th largest economy in the world; where many of the most profitable business is based. California is home to the headquarters of over fifty Fortune 500 companies. California is also the preferred destination for Chinese enterprises when investing in the United States. Since the year of 2000, over 500 Chinese enterprises have invested more than US$8 billion and created over 10,000 jobs in high-tech, real estate, film and entertainment industries as well as other sectors in California. Many of the Chinese investments are heading into California due to the large and highly educated talent pool, its diversity and openness, as well as a large number of R&D institutions.

        Capital city of California, Sacramento

        Sacramento is the Capital City of the State of California. It is the political, agricultural and health science center of California. Sacramento is also home of many California industries and trade organizations, world-class clean energy and technology R&D centers. The Capital region is part of Central Valley, where the world most fertile agricultural lands is located. Both Sacramento City and State of California government are strong advocates of foreign investment. The city is also ideal for companies interested in collaborating with world-renowned universities such as University of California, Davis and Berkeley. The region boasts excellent transportation routes for distribution, reliable and inexpensive energy supplies, highly skilled and stable labor force. Home of the NBA Sacramento Kings and the internationally renowned entertainment venue: The Golden 1 Center. With plenty of sunshine, blue sky, and clean air, Sacramento boasted one of the highest valued lifestyles with a reasonable cost of living. California starts here!

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Brian Connors (Michigan-China Innovation Center)
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The Michigan-China Innovation Center (MCIC) works on behalf of the State of Michigan government to manage Michigan’s China business development and relationships. MCIC’s mission is to promote business ties between Michigan and China.

MCIC provides free services directly to Chinese companies considering business in Michigan. MCIC provides free information, local introductions, and, in coordination with State of Michigan government, incentives support for Chinese businesses that are considering investing in Michigan.
MCIC has helped numerous Chinese businesses establish successful operations in Michigan, working in many industries, such as automotive manufacturing, automotive R&D, sales & logistics, insurance, and finance.We look forward to supporting your business, and hope you’ll contact us!

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Georgia brief
The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) is the administrative agency of the U.S. state of Georgia, that Develop, maintain and operate ocean and inland river ports within Georgia; foster international trade and new industry for state and local communities; promote Georgia's agricultural, industrial and natural resources; and maintain the natural quality of the environment.

Headquartered in Savannah, - the No.4 busiest container port in U.S., GPA hosts the vast majority water-borne trade of Georgia and South East of U.S.